Guiding Services to Princess Marianne of the Netherlands Palace

the Princess Marianne of the Netherlands Castle in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

The Palace

Princess Marianne of the Netherlands Palace is located in the small town of Kamieniec Ząbkowicki in Lower Silesia, Poland, about 80 km from Wrocław. It can be reached by car or train. The town is full of international history, where two European royal dynasties had their homes: Nassau-Oranje and Hohenzollerns. 

The tour is perfect for history lovers and people interested in studying the life of the greatest unconventional European businesswoman, independent thinker, investor, and philanthropist, Princess of Orange-Nassau (1810–1883). She was the main actress in the most dramatic moral scandal of her time. It is also a wonderful opportunity to see one of the last-built romantic English Neogothic palaces in Europe, accompanied by a huge park. 

What is also worth visiting is a burial place of the last pre-war owners, known as Mausoleum with a unique exhibition. The building has been completely restored and saved from ruin.

Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Charlotte Marianne von Oranien-Nassau
Wilhelmina Frederika Louise Charlotte Marianne von Oranien-Nassau

Comprehensive guiding services to the palace are offered to both groups of international tourists and individuals.

Pałac Marianny Orańskiej w Kamieńcu Ząbkowickim
The Princess Marianne of the Netherlands Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

 If you travel from Wrocław to other parts of the region of Lower Silsia and you are looking for a peaceful environment, the Śnieżnik Massive and the surroundings of the town of Stronie Śląskie are a perfect choice. This area is also connected with Princess Marianne, as she was the owner of vast lands, villages, and forests.

The Śnieżnik Massive is one of the biggest karst areas in Lower Silesia, with very rich wildlife and vegetation. The perfect spot for a nature hike is the Bear Cave in Kletno, where we can guide you as well. 

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