Guiding Services for International Clients

Dolny Śląsk 7-zjazd do Kowar
Riese Complex in Osówka

Guided Tours to Lower Silesia and the Sudety Mountains


  • Licensed guide to the Bear Cave in Kletno.
  • Guide to the Castle of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
  • Licensed guide to the Sudety Mts.
  • Licensed guide to Lower Silesia

We offer a selection of off-the-peg as well as tailor-made tours and we can usually accommodate your needs effectively and without fuss.

We offer general guiding services in all the cities, towns and villages of Lower Silesia, coach tours, train tours, heritage tours, study tours, escorted sightseeing, cultural heritage tours, nature tours, study tours, educational and instructive tours along with challenging adventure tours, in the cities, towns and wilderness areas of Lower Silesia. 

Natual hikes

  • The Bear Cave in Kletno.
  • National Parks of Lower Silesia Tour. 
  • Wildlife and Vegetation of the Karkonosze National Park (recommended for school groups)
  • Wildlife and Vegetation of the Table Mountains National Park (recommended for school groups)
  • Guiding services during underground tours, including tours of such locations as old gold mines and coal mines open to the public.
Zaułek Heliktytowy - Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia
Zamek Grodno

Study tours

Some our study tours may support history, architecture, archeology, geography, geology and biology classes. 
Study tours:

  • Architecture of Lower Silesia;
  • Battlefields and Fortresses of Lower Silesia
  • Castles of Lower Silesia
  • Cistercian Abbeys of Lower Silesia 
  • The Frankenstein and His Times Tour
  • Health Resorts of Lower Silesia (incorporating spa treatments)
  • Guiding services during military tours, taking in underground factories, fortresses and battle fields (dark tourism).
  • The Jelenia Góra Valley Tour
  • The John Quincy Adams Tour (particularly interesting for visitors from the United States)
  • The Kłodzko Land Tour
  • Secret and Mysterious Places of Lower Silesia
  • Technology Museums and Medieval Industry
  • The Dutch Royal Family Lovers’ Tour (this of particular interest for Dutch groups)
  • Trzebnica
  • Underground Trails of Lower Silesia

Cultural hikes

  • Guiding services in health resorts
  • Guiding services during pilgrimages or historical-cultural hikes
  • Assistance during cultural events.
  • Combined tours. 

For any inquiries please email us using contact form. We try to respond to all requests within 24-48 hours.